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Welcome to the Death Note Fan Fiction WikiEdit

The Death Note Fan Fiction wikia is a literary haven for all who wish to satisfy the desire to be a part of the supernatural world created by Japanese manga author Takeshi Obata. It is our goal to not only grow through user contributions, but to maintain a gilt-edged quality in each of our articles and do justice to the greatness of the original series.

The Death Note Story Edit

Death Note is a tale that begins when a bored shinigami (i.e., god of death) drops his means of a killing, a deadly object known as the Death Note for a human to find. By pure coincidence, an equally bored Japanese honors student named Light Yagami stumbles upon the notebook and decides to eradicate all evil in the world as a god of righteous judgment, using the Death Note as his means of execution. Soon his existence is made evident to the world and his alternate identity becomes known as Kira, attracting the attention of the legendary detective L, who has yet to lose a case. The two then undergo a decisive battle of wits from the opposite spectrum of justice, deciding who the true savior and villain is.

Death Note Fan Fiction is a website dedicated to expanding and I dare say improving what is already a phenomenal manga/anime series. I, Echo, take it upon myself to become the god of this new digital world (haha). That being said, I will lead the charge with my own new series, revolving around a war between Death Note holders across the globe. Feel free to take part or simply enjoy the bright future to come.

Echo Uchiha 03:15, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

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