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The following article is a chapter excerpt from the fictional role playing narrative, Death Note: Endgame

Prologue Edit

Gray. Cinereal. Livid. A perpetual blurring of black and white blanketed the eternally barren Shinigami Realm, serving no purpose other than to exist alongside the otherworldly beings inhabiting its inter-dimensional confines. Several of the mysterious deities known as Shinigami were gathered in a dimly lit circle, their attention solely focused on a single creature in their midst.

“Then it is so. All of the pieces are in place, and with that accomplished, we may prepare ourselves.” Spoke the apparent figure in charge, vocalizing the thoughts of everyone present in a decisive and powerful tone. The circle of pseudo-immortals seemed to subconsciously organize into two separate sides as this was spoken, and with a mixture of uneasiness and excitement in the air, all seemed to be in obvious anticipation.

Another Shinigami of obvious importance grinned as he commandeered the focus of the others, exclaiming his satisfaction mockingly. “I do hope the rest of you are as pleased as myself with this turn of events. Choosing a schoolboy for that piece, how interesting.” Several of the deities present began murmuring their own opinions regarding the subject, making their curiosity apparent in the oratory.

“A choice that was made of my own accord and acumen, as was yours.” Interrupted the more reserved speaker. “If that is all, then there is no further reason to delay our efforts. There will be a one week grace period before the warfare may initiate, and other than the precepts already agreed upon, you may do as you wish concerning your candidate.” Revealing in his hand a tall, crowned, red game piece, the Shinigami slowly towered over a levitating chess board. The surrounding gods of death simultaneously tensed their cold bodies, awaiting a key movement. At the single point of fixation of every eye in the vicinity, the red piece was lowered onto the board, proving to be the only sound in an otherwise silent realm.

“Let the game begin.”

The Awakening Edit

Blood Comes First Edit

The Opening Move Edit

Dinner and a Show Edit

Out of SightEdit

The Proposition Edit