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Kei Itamimura
Race Japanese-American
Birthday January 9th
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Hacker's Apprentice
Previous Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Education College
Signature Power
Special Skill High Memory Capacity
Main Tool

Kei Itamimura (刑・痛み村, "penalty of the pain in the village") is an orphan with strange mental abilities allowing him to remember computer language, however he is also autistic which leads to episodes where he breaks down mentally and is unresponsive. Because of his skills he is often used by the National Police Agency in the discovery of the new Kira's identity, and has been called the next L.




Natural TalentsEdit

High Memory Capacity: Despite his Autism, he is incredibly smart able to remember vast amounts of information and recall it verbatim. Using this he mimics things he has heard and seen in his life, capable of recalling events from his childhood.

Hacking Skills: